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An Introduction to Separation & Divorce

The decision to end a marriage is never an easy one to make. Divorce or dissolution of marriage is very likely to be a difficult and emotional time for you and your family. In our experience, approaching the divorce or dissolution in a non-confrontational way can assist in keeping things amicable and it is often more likely we can work towards an agreed settlement. This more considered approach often results in you and any children coming through the divorce or dissolution process feeling positive and able to look ahead to plan for the future. At JLS Solicitors, we will also go over any Pre-Marital Agreements that may be in place and also discuss mediation and other alternative dispute resolution options with you if applicable.

 Photo showing young lady in pink jumper concerned about divorce and separation

Separation, divorce & dissolution of a civil partnership or marriage

For many couples, a period of separation is common prior to the divorce or dissolution of a civil partnership or marriage. During that time, you may wish to formalise your financial arrangements, property and plans for any children. A separation agreement is a written document, detailing all that has been agreed. At JLS Solicitors, our specialist divorce solicitors can assist you with discussing proposed arrangements with your partner and their representative. We will also formally write up the agreement making it a legal document. It will also make it easier for all parties involved to understand the process.

Read more detailed information about separation and divorce to help you make the right choice.

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